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About Us

Our company was established in 2010 by a few friends, company was named Pimped Truck. We started supplying, developing and manufacturing dashboard tables (Truck Tables) to the UK. In 2011 we decided to have our first trade stand on the biggest TruckFest in UK, which was a big move for us. After a few years which were hard for a small business like us, braking to the UK market, we started looking for the best quality goods for trucks at the most realistic prices. In 2014 Pimped Truck became Limited Company and name was changed to Pimped Truck LTD

Now we design, manufacture and stock a large range of truck accessories to suit the individual drivers. These accessories range from Eco leather products, including Seat Covers, Bed covers and Floor Mats to sets of Curtains and Stainless Steel Products. We also stock the largest range of Dashboard Tables for most makes of trucks and vans in the UK. We cooperate with several European companies that produce and sell our products to other European countries.

We hope that we will have more and more loyal customers due to our excellent customer service and wide range of products.