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YES you can come and collect your orders from our headquarters in New Milton (address can be found under contact us section)

YES you do need to send pictures of your seats as it is a few different configurations and we always want to make sure our seat covers are a perfect fit.

YES we are always open to our customers ideas are we are happy to make one off designs.

YES our products are designed to be easy fit and can be installed by anyone and you do not need special skills for that.

Pimped Truck LTD products are designed and made for specific trucks and models and we cover most of the trucks on the market, because of that our seat covers, floor mats, curtains and many more look oem and are made to the highest standards.

YES of course you can place an order on our website and over the phone as well.

YES we do products for trucks with steering wheel on both sides.

YES we do offer fitting services, give us a call to find out more.